Three words encapsulate our DNA, and define who we are and how we behave.

Clear – in our objectives and our advice.
Unambiguous – we will mean what we say and will say what we mean.
Straight-talking – we will avoid jargon and cliché, and will put fact before spin.

Integrity sits at the heart of our business:

We will not: 

  • Sell you services you do not need.
  • Avoid telling you the truth.
  • Misuse your information and trade soft favours with it.
  • Keep regular office hours.
  • Carry on regardless when we do not understand something.
  • Offer flaky and aspirational advice.
  • Use a dozen words when three will do.


  • Be there for you when you want and need us.
  • Commit 100% to achieving agreed objectives.
  • Keep confidential everything we learn from you and about your business.
  • Tell you the truth, and not delay in doing so.
  • Be available when you want us to be.
  • Not pretend to know something when we do not.


In short we will deliver for you what you need when you need it, and believe that less is often more.