We help you manage reputation and mitigate risk through good communication.

We provide counsel to Boards and senior management, and assist in-house communications and investor relations teams. We help develop the corporate, financial and business narrative, and advise on and help manage reputation. We work for public and private companies, those that are well established and those that are just beginning, those who are acquisitive and fast growing as well as those who are more mature.

Corporate and financial communications is becoming more complex with increasing fractioning of the traditional political consensus. This changes the environment in which business exists and creates other communities to which organisations are implicitly accountable beyond the traditional shareholder or other stakeholder base.

We understand this more complex space and what it means for communications. We have specific expertise in the core disciplines that sit at the heart of any communications process. These can be brought to bear for you as separate functions or as an integrated package.


Develop a robust overall narrative that sets the foundations for providing the rationale for everything your company does, and properly underpins the corporate strategy the approach to governance and the management of reputation.


Implement your corporate story, promotion of governance and reputation agendas, managing and mitigating risk, calibrated with the investor relations story and providing the framework for the detailed business story to be told. This would include internal consensus and brand building as much as positioning your company externally.


Develop and execute the capital markets communications process, and the essential coordination of this with corporate and other company communications activity, through the routine calendar programme as well as in response to one-off events and corporate actions.

Public Policy

Provide an understanding of the geo-political and policy environment in which your company operates. New and well-organised campaigning communities are emerging, typically relying on disintermediated media. These groups are increasing their influence on the public policy agenda. We can help you develop an appropriate public policy response.

Brand, Behaviours and Identity

Review and deliver reputational, behavioral and brand audits at all stages of your company’s development, from pre-IPO and other transaction-led reviews of conventional and digital media presence, to mergers and integration planning. We can also assist with internal brand building and its alignment with external communications.

Special Situations

Analyse, advise on, prepare and manage responses to all situations which could create business, financial or reputational risk and which require a deliberate communications response. The digital world means it is now impossible to hide from the media and to soft-trade out of a crisis. Responses need to be instantaneous and therefore pre-planned, and the communications plan need to work in lock-step with your Legal advisors and vice versa.

campaign execution

Evaluate the channels available for long and short duration corporate campaigns and design integrated and complementary programmes aligned with clear objectives that work both internally and externally. Channels could include some or all of digital and traditional media, sponsorship, conferences and events, hospitality and contact programmes, awards and rankings submissions, polling and market research, speech and presentation writing, public policy initiatives, and contact programmes.  

We have provided communications support to a wide range of entities, through both on-going communications programmes and time-limited campaigns, in the UK, throughout EMEA and globally. Past experience include:

  • Demerger, re-listing, return of capital, IPO, secondary and pre-IPO fundraisings, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Increasing sell-side analyst coverage to improve liquidity, de-mystifying the corporate narrative to deepen an investor base, defending corporate reputation against competitor action, and FCA, SFO and DOJ investigation.
  • CEO and other senior executive engagement programmes, and Board and CEO succession planning.
  • Brand audits, re-branding and new identities for both public and private companies, integration driven new identity roll-out, and internal brand-building programmes for global companies.
  • Sponsorship (negotiation and activisation) for some of the Europe’s most high profile properties including the Frieze Arts Fair, Venice Biannale, Festival d’Aix en Provence, the Royal Academy of Arts, the Berlin Philharmonic, and Lord’s MCC Cricket Ground.
  • Public policy strategies that align UK, EU and US public affairs narratives, promotion of primary legislation in the British Parliament, co-ordination of sector specific UK, Brussels and Washington public affairs programmes.
  • Crisis communications in the wake of predatory attacks by competitors impacting a company share price, the aftermath of terrorist attack, defending national interests against geo-political disinformation campaigns instigated by sovereign governments, high profile litigation in the UK and the US, and criminal, regulatory and law enforcement investigations.